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Bridging the Gap
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“Bridging the Gap” is a discourse on restoring civility to a life that is seemingly out of control. It is a clarion call for us to get back into right relationship with God. Man’s life is a relentless search for purpose, what is our purpose, why is our purpose and for whose purpose were we tossed into this tempest known as life. These are some of the questions that we face throughout our lives as we mature and come to a greater understanding of our unique status among the earth’s created beings. This relentless search for purpose will forever be a cul-de-sac to nowhere as long as we search within for the answers. “Bridging the Gap” presents another way, another anecdote to the problems of depression, and lack of fulfillment in life. This book presents practical advice from a biblical point of view that gives credence to the acronym- B.I.B.L.E.-Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. You might be reading this book and feel that you are a victim. You might be reading and are not quite sure what you are. Sometimes it appears that it is your fault and other times you are just confused. You may be convinced that you are living right and life just isn’t fair. If you find yourself asking questions like, Why me? How come this seems to happen only to me? Is there really a God? Why am I living? Why do we exist? Do I have any hope beyond this existence? You are in the right place and this is the appointed time. It is not by chance that you have chosen to read this book. If you don’t know it by now, understand that nothing, nothing at all, happens by chance. There is a purpose and a lesson to be learned in every experience that we have. Also understand that you are not alone, many people are asking the same questions and many of those people you know quite well. I am here to tell you that there is an answer to every question that you may have. In this book every question that you have may not be answered but I will attempt to reveal to you the mechanisms by which you can find an answer.
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