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Mass and Structure Bodybuilding
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This book was written and designed to help those struggling with the challenge of working out as well as crossing the hurdle of being stagnant and leading to discouragement. Many programs has been designed and laid out but not quite like this one that is structured for you from the beginning to the end. Each book is charted for a two/three month program which also help you to monitor your progress and to keep you accountable to your workout, you can always look back three weeks ago to see how well you progressed and where you use to be as far as the condition of your body. The books are designed in a format that once you enter your first desirable weight for that routine, you can’t go back through the course and do less than that. You can go back once or twice and do the same weight at the beginning stages but you have to push to do more. The program is designed to change you but you have to have determination to make a difference. Last you have to find a manageable diet during the program and make it as strict as your workout. Remember we age day by day and our bodies will tell it first.
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