The Seeds You Sow
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The Seeds you Sow is kind of a prequel to Breathing Under Water Believe it nor not you are not alone. It takes a deep look at who's or whom is at fault for the way your life has turned out.Example: Grandmama had high blood pressure, mama has high blood pressure and I have it as well. The seeds you sow looks at where the high blood pressure started and ask the question do I really have to have it too? just because Mama and grandmama had poor eating habits do I really have to as well, and do I really want to pass this on to the 4th and 5th generation of children in my bloodline. I just used high blood as an example but it could be any illiness, diabetes, cancer or no illiness at all, maybe bad habits smoking, sexual behaviors anything that is attached to you in a negative way. Who is responsible? Can't keep a job, a man, a buck, life just sucks. Is it me or the things and/or people that I have encourter in my life, once you've made that connection then you can began to change the habit. The Seeds you sow will follow you all the days of your life and if not your life then you children or your children's children it's generational and it can be stoped.
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