Why I Believe in God By John Doe
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Why I Believe in God by John Doe is non-fiction and a true to life story of the author's life, that is, parts of it. It is a message story, but a message story has to have an interesting tale to tell to keep the interest up and a vital message to relate. As this story takes you from high school to the famine infested streets of Calcutta, the "Black Market" dens of China and back again it covers some interesting subjects concerning spiritualism, Hinduism, a lot of "whys" to Christianity - with some pretty good answers learned along the way. The author also shares his findings with you - from a simple - "is there really a God" to such considerations as evolution, atheism, ID and The Da Vinci Code. It's not without a warm and enduring love story that started in beautiful downtown Calcutta and continues today.
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