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“CHILDHOOD MEMORIES” is a collection of short stories the author has written of his earliest memories as a young boy ‘movin’ to a small farm and growing up on it. The entire Wild Wild West story is a vivid portrayal of the mind of a six year old boy’s imagination while playing alone in the country. But, he was not alone as he had his imagination to while away the hours. Other stories are about life on a farm, from getting the milk cow, to caring for baby chickens. ‘Smoking Meat’ is an actual event that took place many times during the course of his childhood. His ‘Sis’s Driving Lesson’, parts 1 & 2 describe what two bright children can accomplish, once a course of action has been decided. It required that they work as a team and carry out plans with trial and error, until they succeeded the original plan of a leisurely drive through the country side. These stories are written in ‘Loving Memory’ of a father who demonstrated and then trusted his young child to follow in his footsteps.
Published: AuthorHouseBooks on
ISBN: 9781467077392
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