The Myanmar Maneuver
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The Mayanmar Maneuver begins in the"Land of the Pagoda,"where cone-shaped pagodas dot the country everywhere. Charlie Ling, a gemologist from New York, on a business trip in search of precious gemstones, travels to the Mogok Valley to acquire rare rubies. While there, he not only experiences the "Land of Rubies," but he stumbles upon an unusual turtle sculpture that will change his life and those of his friends. Follow this intriguing journey to the "Golden Land" as the turtle and its treasure takes Charlie Ling on a trek of a lifetime. The journey begins in Bangkok, moves to the tropics of Mayanmar, continues in Chinatown in New York, jumps to New Jersey and finally returns to New York. The author brings characters of five different ethnic backgrounds together as she weaves her adventure. The lives of her characters are effectively intertwined with the turtle and its slow-moving quandary. The surprise the turtle holds for all of them is its secret cache, a rare ruby,which will affect each one of them and change their lives. In your mind's eye, observe what it does and how it touches the lives of the characters.
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