Through the Talisman
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This is a book that contains fifty short Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative stories. Included among the Science Fiction and Fantasy stories are such stories as a man who changes metals into gold and his adventures, time travelers who go back in time to try to stop the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, a female warrior who fights bizarre sword duels against males in a wasteland of ruins, a physically abused wife who visits another dimension to escape her husband, the secret mission of a Nazi pilot and another ending to World War II, a fatal virus that is spread telepathically, a scientific experiment to control dreams, a world with only women and how the men disappeared, an extinct race on another planet who could cross over to the other side without dying, a plague of generically engineered super locust, a probe that moves through time, a woman who develops super human powers after being struck by lightening, a man who discovers he is married to an extraterrestrial alien, a woman who could assume the lifes of other women through an enigmatic medallion, and many more stories of space travel, time travel, cloning, and teleportation. Among the Speculative Stories are stories of why we sleep and how the wolf was domesticated into the dog. Imagine a modern world where one can dispense with sleeping by merely taking a pill. Imagine a future time where one can study the entire history of the world telepathically. Imagine an ancient world of human sacrifice and cannibalism. Imagine a world in another time of only robot and android beings. Stories of all these and more are contained in this book, Through the Talisman.
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