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Are you one of the millions of people in the world that have ever felt less then perfect, or plain, ugly and yes if you have ever felt FAT at the expense of the old age standard set by men? Then you need this book . It is an inspirational , encouraging look at the stand you can take that you are OK just the size you are. This book will show you how to live the life that was meant for you full of joy and happiness no matter your size. You will be inspired to see that you have been soberly trained to think you are wrong just because you are not the ideal size. I have news for you inside these pages will be eye opening revelations that will make you ready to stand up to the world and be all you can be and say I am OK it’s just my size. Simple steps to take to a happier you. No matter your size because size really shouldn’t matter to you , find out how to feel better about yourself by following this simple steps. Everyone deserves to be OK just the size they are.
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ISBN: 9781467098533
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