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Journey into an enigmatic world where superstition and the supernatural intertwine as one; a paranormal paradox where restless spirits and demons encounter the world of blood and bone. Where innocence and corruption collide and equilibrium transforms into a delirious pandemonium. A man finds himself trapped in a skipping dream from which he cannot wake, only to discover he is being stalked by lost souls of the dead who are vying for possession of his body…Recently learning of his wife’s infidelity, a lawyer has a strange encounter with a women he’ll never forget…A butcher falls victim to a new flesh eating disease that’s found in the beef tongue he is serving…A young couple in the woods encounter a strange mutant race of cannibals who are low on nourishment. To preserve their existence they must seek out life beyond in a faraway world. That’s only the beginning… A sheriff investigates an elderly widow recently bereaved by the loss of her decapitated husband…Poor young Anne Marie Ripley is running from domestic violence, only to be greeted by two escaped psychiatric patients, who will show her real violence…Two innocent souls in the 1692 Salem witch trials are falsely accused of practicing witchcraft and are treated accordingly by the villagers…Finally a boy’s worst nightmares come true when he learns his grandma is coming home from an insane asylum. Just a drop of blood in a cup of tea and you, too, will be able to see “Them”. The curse of the Gods is weaving a tapestry of terror and havoc into society’s worst nightmares. And its power culminates when mankind succumbs to their most accessible vulnerabilities that peril them into oblivion.
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Rituals Of Terror - Steve Marshall

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