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This is a journal of one victim’s road to justice and the lessons she learned along the way. It is a brutally open and honest memoir detailing the author’s emotions, thoughts and beliefs during her quest for justice. Laurie has courageously decided to share her journey in the hopes that others can learn and grow from her experience and perhaps even find their own road to justice. This memoir contains a powerful message, which is twofold. First it is an amazing opportunity for Laurie to give a voice to her own, unique experience with trauma and to put into words how these experiences have shaped her life, her career path, her interpersonal relationships and journey towards her own center. Secondly it offers readers, both other trauma survivors and those without similar trauma experiences, the chance to witness the prosecutorial process, lengthy and sometimes frustrating as it may be, and how having the courage and tenacity to keep moving forward can pay off, giving us all the opportunity to see that sexual predators can be held accountable by the legal system for their actions and choices. I feel honored and blessed to count Laurie among my friends and colleagues!— Ruth Richards-Schlarman, LCPC In reading this memoir I truly see how this incident affects the victim not just at the time...but how it affects their whole life. Eye-opening to those of us who haven't gone through this horrible ordeal.— Tammi Rufer
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