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Yulonda was very proud to say how blessed her life was. Blessed in the fact that she was married to a great man, had three beautiful children, and a house to call home. Seemingly nothing in the world could go wrong, until her luggage from her past started falling out of her closet. Coming into her twenty-fourth year of life: feelings of hopelessness, depression, and rage had settled into her spirit. Drenched in terror, and shadowed by fear she starts to reflect upon her life to find reasons for her sudden change in behavior. Was it the abuse that she endured growing up by her own mother? Maybe it was the issues regarding her lack of self-love, self-esteem, or self-confidence? Her life suddenly comes to a halt when she contemplates suicide. What was the breaking point that almost drove her into the river? She now faces the question of when she would be able to make it back to her family, after she places herself in a mental institution for an evaluation. How could she save the only thing that mattered to her-her family? Readers will love to pack up and travel along with Yulonda in her quest of finding her true self-identity. Who's Loving Me is a story of one woman's journey to understanding what self-preservation and self-love mean. Yulonda's story is definitely one that cannot be missed.
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