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Emil Muller started out to recount his experiences during the short period that began when he was arrested in his home in Berlin and ended with his arrival in Havana. But the reader will get much more than an adventure story or a coming-of-age memoir of a plucky adolescent who life depended upon being able to evade the Nazis who so wanted to exterminate him and every other member of the Jewish people. In this book, the reader will find the history of the world, the tale of a family, and the biography of a boy; the code of ethics and the philosophy to which Judaism adheres; determination and courage in the face of unimaginable danger; hope in the future and joy in the day, every day. This is a story that is too exciting to be real and that is told with the unique style of the author, always with a sense of humor and a sense of mischief that makes the painful bearable.
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LUCK OR DESTINY? - Emil Muller

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