Million Dollar Mommy
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From the Publisher

Are you a new Mom? Did you leave behind a career? Or are you climbing the ladder and rocking the cradle at the same time? Are you confused, challenged, exhausted? What if there were six secrets to make life easier? Would you want to know what they were? Million Dollar Mommy, Six Secrets not only tells you how to smooth the transition from career person to Mom, but tells you it is okay to trust yourself to find your wisdom and to know what you need to do; to hang onto your power and worth; and finally to remain peaceful in your heart. It delves into not only where you are but why. Million Dollar Mommy, Six Secrets has the tough discussions about sex and money. Where does your libido go and how can you get it back? How do you avoid having your husband feel like just another need to be met? How do you come to understand that it is not true that you no longer have any money just because you aren’t bringing in a paycheck?Speaking your most private and lonely thoughts, Million Dollar Mommy Six Secrets lets you know that you are not alone. You can cut yourself some slack as well as cutting Dad some slack too. Imagine being supported in your decision, honoring your self and your needs. Imagine having personal perks like days off and sick leave, being validated and put on a pedestal. Imagine returning to your own mother what she never got…respect, permission and power. One of our readers said it best, "I have waited 30 years for this book to be written"! It is time. It is time to learn the secrets and claim your worth as a Million Dollar Mommy.
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