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Reaching Out To Joy
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You are familiar St. Paul’s writings, correct? Sometimes one line can become very long and convoluted and even turn almost a whole chapter of a book. He would not get an “A” for grammar. But, in some ways I say, “So what? Big deal. He does not have to be perfect.” Some say he wrote in the imperfect manner that he did because he was so full of grace that it was uncontainable and spilling out all over the place. Welling up with grace and words and light and life, St. Paul just filled the page as God rushed forth! And that is the way I would like you to look at this book. It is not perfect but neither am I. This book is about a perfectly loving God coming to save a sinner like me and you. It is about God rushing in with his grace and words and light and life to create this book, however imperfect it might be. So, I pray that God will be uncontainable in you and you will not worry so much about having perfect presentation and grammar in your life. You do not have to have your house in order for God to come in. Rather, invite God into your messy house and he will put it into order. Just, without ever stopping, keep letting God in and out. Let God and his JOY write straight with crooked lines. When people see you, may they see JOY!
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Reaching Out To Joy - Father John Amsberry

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