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The Star of Jesus / The Star of IssaThe Messianic Star of David: The Star of YeshuaA symbol for peace in the Middle East ‘Jesus is Our Star’ provides a light for the Jew, Christian & Arab to better see together the way to heaven’s gate. The heaven’s open up when King Jesus lands on the Mount of Olives with the thousands upon thousands of his angels to end our prides hatred. Jesus forgave the worst of sinners, showing us the mercy of God and how to be reborn. He set the example for how to live, love and die for those who hate us. Herein is introduced, “The Star of Jesus” as a peace symbol to solve the Middle East problem. This star design relates to the biblical significance of numbers, the sacrifice Jesus made, the light of our Creator’s love for us all, to the streets of gold in the Kingdom to come. The eight points stand for a change and new beginning that only Jesus can bring. Issa/Jesus is the Black Rock that the Muslims turn toward in prayer, and the “Rock of our Salvation”. The 12 triangles symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel, 12 tribes of Ishmael, and those who follow the 12 disciples of Jesus, as they will unite standing back to back in war to protect the Holy Land in the last days. These surround the Star of David because Jesus is heir to the throne of King David. Jesus is most worthy to be our Judge and King Immortal. The Tree of Life in the heart of his star is a sign of the Family Tree to live forever. The Star of Jesus brings light to the darkness of those lost and those wise enough to seek life beyond this world. So, you are invited to join The Ever Lasting Lights to pass on his love and light.
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Jesus is Our Star - Calasia Day

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