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his woman of much greater years named Sunday one day met this 19 year old teenager named Raven. A Ghost appears (which they could not see at the time) to draw them together. Demons, strait jackets and voices in his head had him on the run. He masked his incredible growing pains and his unparalleled love for a girl in his poetry. Vulgarities run amuck in a bit of the poetry, but the woman named Sunday chose to let them remain. Raven's rendition of his pain is told in one of the poems titled ... ... ... THE MASK: Condemned to violence, Arrested by pain Inside this soul lies a man insane. Conceived to anger addicted to hate A mutant child with a twisted fate. A killer's smile with a psycho star dream Behind the mask things aren't what they seem. Unholy soldier - Disciple of sin That's the kind of life I'm living in. This is a book that you can not put down. You have to read the whole input of this teenager. It is that intriguing, and that entertaining. By the time you finish reading this book, hopefully, you will find yourself in love with this teenage young man but more importantly that you find and fall in love with his 'friendly' Ghost.
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ISBN: 9781467061308
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