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A COMPLETE GUIDE TO MANAGING AND CONTROLLING THE OUTCOME OF YOUR INSURANCE CLAIMHOMEOWNERS¡¦ INSURANCEPurpose of this Book„PTo set up a simple guide to help answer questions and educate homeowners in the claim process once a claim has been filed with the insurance company. „PTo review the facts and fiction about insurance companies and their claim practicing procedures.„PTo discuss who influences the outcome of your claim the most during your claim process and how much power they have in determining the fate of your final payment.„PTo help you decide which contractor to use¡Xthe insurance company¡¦s referral, the contractor at your door, or a friend you know? Maybe none of the above.„PWho should inventory your damaged personal belongings in case of a fire¡Xthe insurance company? an outside firm? no one but you?„PHow do you control the amount of depreciation that is taken off your Building Repair Estimate and your damaged Personal Property? Do you have any control over this? Is it really as objective as the insurance companies state?„PWhy do so many people state, ¡§I pay my insurance premiums for years and now that I file a claim, they deny me stating it¡¦s not covered¡¨? Is this really true? „PShould I file a claim? Will my premium go up? Will I be cancelled shortly after the loss is concluded?These and many other questions and topics are covered in this book. Sample forms with simple explanations will be outlined. Overviews are presented on the claim handling process to better prepare a homeowner prior to filing a claim.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781462871957
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