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A book of poetry, yes, but just as well a book of philosophy and self-help. When forced by tradition and book selling rules to classify “The Processes: Creative, Thinking & Meditative” the author herself could only utter the word “didactic”*. Arlene Corwin writes poetry – but poetry that has little to do with poetry – more as message, instruction* and “everything in everything.”She has, however, received high praise for her humor, her forms, her rhythms and rhymes from cultivated and well-read friends, her local book club, and her he-who-has-read-it-all life companion of 27 years.Not the Times Literary Supplement, not The Guardian but reference enough.Good poetry, after all, ideas notwithstanding.* didactic; intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment.
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ISBN: 9781462864720
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