The Dawn of Silva
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Reviews: "Hot, hot, hot!! Intrigue, suspence and intense love scenes. There is something for everyone - and I can't wait for the sequel." Jana Tajzler, Slovakia "Captivating . . . Wilde pulls you in, touches your heart, and keeps you wanting more." Ruth Nielsen, Arizona "Thought provoking and more substance than a romance novel. The added was . . . I learned a thing or two about women, too! John Simon, Massachussetts Book Summary: Filmmakers Alex and Shari run into more than a few snags in casteing their new movie, Silva. Alex is absessively determined that only the ethereal Ashlyn can portray the lead, and she cannot be found. Shari leaves the hustle and bustle of New York City, and travels to the serene beauty of the Cascade Mountains, 3000 miles away - the search is on! Ashlyn's family and estranged lover try to protect her from the fast-thinking Shari's unwanted intrusion. Ashlyn has found her paradise in the Cascade foothills, to heal the crushing pain of a star-crossed love. She wants solitude and time to heal and contemplate what her future holds. Shari, in her hourney, has found a whole new universe and has met an absolutely dynamic and maybe even diabolical man, whom she immediately hates. She is inexplicably drawn into a relationship that rocks her very foundation. In the short space of one week, four people's lives converge in an eden-like setting, to begin an adventure that turns each of their lives upside down. The Dawn of Silva is the first in a series of Silva novels by Olivia Wilde.
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ISBN: 9781462892464
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