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FBI Special Agent Christian Morgan was abandoned by his mother and left at a London orphanage when he was eight. Rescued by a wealthy man and brought to the States, Christian is afforded a privileged life with the best military schools in the country, after, which, he becomes a federal officer. When he meets C-Lee Vaughn, he falls in love with her. But how can he tell her that he was raised by her father, Stuart Vaughn, the man she never knew, the father she had always yearned for? And how will Stuart Vaughn react when he learns that Christian, the man he raised as his own son, is in love with his biological daughter? Moreover, as Christian and C-Lee’s relationship deepens, how can he tell her that he is also an ordained minister? Will she see him as a conflicted soul? A Jekyll and Hyde? But above all, how can Christian and Stuart keep C-Lee safe from a madman who is determined to end her life? Christian’s Gardens is an unflinching tale of emotionally crippled people, each grappling with their own demons of forgiveness, abandonment, forbidden love, and obsession. It’s a love story that will haunt you. It will move you.
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ISBN: 9781465338716
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