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Adoption has had a stigma in many societies throughout history. Our own society is no different. Many people don’t like the idea of adoption because they believe they could never love a child that was not their biological child like they would love their own. The ones who do venture out and adopt children often face difficult trials with those children because the child feels abandoned, though they have “new” parents who love them. God is the giver of children no matter how they are obtained. He is the one who orchestrates the events to match up parents and children. It was the case in Queen Esther’s life. She was orphaned at a very young age and then adopted by her older cousin Mordecai. Mordecai loved Esther like his own daughter. He was a devout Jew and loved God. He instilled in Esther an unwavering faith in God and an uncompromising set of values that stood the test of the highest position a woman could have in the whole kingdom. Esther didn’t spend her early womanhood feeling sorry for herself because she was orphaned or adopted. She trusted God and was obedient to her cousin/adopted father. Since I have had the pleasure and the pain that accompanies adoption, I better understand my own adoption into my heavenly Father’s family. Adoption is a beautiful experience. It opens your heart up for more love than you ever thought possible. It’s not without it’s trials and questions, but then neither is motherhood by biological birth giving. I experienced both. I have had trials and questions about what God was doing in both cases. Never the less, opening your heart to any child is a beautiful thing. Esther had a beautiful submissive spirit. She never questioned Mordecai’s role in her life. She was obedient to him. As the story unfolds in the book of Esther, you see that Esther either grasped the big picture or was willing to trust that her father knew what he was talking about and trusted God for the outcome. Because of that, God used her mightily and the whole Jewish nation was spared. When I reflect on the adoption experience, I have watched a beautiful woman emerge. That has taught me about the beauty that God wants to bring out in me as His adopted daughter.
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Living with the Father - Mary A. Wood

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