Thank God I’m a Sucker!
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Thank God I'm a Sucker is an autobiographical account of an eye surgeon, demonstrating through his own personal battles the conflicts between the ancient arts of healing of the East and the Western system of Medicine. He explores the power of the mind on the human body and the impact this has on the genes. In the early chapters he explains the current scientific thinking about age-related disorders and their management, while developing his own ideas of how the placebo effect and personal belief systems work, quoting extensively from scientific journals and ancient vedas. He then proposes a new theory of human evolution, contradicting Charles Darwin and coining novel terms like "Ipsicura" and "Concion". In the last chapter he gives convincing arguments against Atheists like Richard Dawkins to force his reader to think as to why a firm belief in "God" could in fact be an evolutionary stable strategy for the human race.
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