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“An Unforgettable Voyage to Exotic Ports of Call That You’ll Remember for the Rest of Your Life!”The guests on the 536-passenger Sea Traveler couldn’t possibly have known how prophetic that advertising statement was. It hits home when the cruise ship is attacked by Somali pirates who shoot down a navy helicopter coming to the ship’s aid and then turn their missile onto the Sea Traveler.The ensuing investigation determines the circuit board from the missile guidance system originated from a company based in Ogden, Utah. After months of questioning and examining records, the FBI can’t determine how the circuit boards are disappearing from Martin Munitions. The company hires Carl Lukin of Lukin Investigations to solve the mystery and clear Martin’s name. Lukin’s investigation takes him around the world and sees him collaborating with both the CIA and the FBI; it also places him in direct contact with unscrupulous arms dealers. As Lukin tracks down heat-seeking missiles that have been dispersed around the world in an attempt to destroy the airline industry, he disrupts the efforts of the terrorist organization, Islam’s Fire; exacts retribution from the remaining arms dealer; and provides justice for a widow and her children.
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781426993152
List price: $3.99
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