Lurking in the background is the greater instance of the 1967 CHICAGO Snow Storm, that incorporates the lesser story of one man, Lawrence Godfrey, and the acquired baggage that has created barriers based on circumstances that have alienated him from his family. Mainly, between him and his son, Francis, who resists his father's attempts to get him to commit to accepting his place as the actively on-the-job working heir to the family business.Another of the stories within the story is of the loss of sexual intimacy between Lawrence and his wife, Esther. And, of the tensions resulting in his sister, Tiara, and her African born husband, Dewitt, being separated based on the prejudicial notions influenced on Tiara by her snobbish former boy friend who is now her on the job boss.Nevertheless, since Lawrence has learned he is the target for assassination, it is Dewitt, to whom Lawrence entrusts as next, after himself, to run the family businesses and protect the family. Events occurring from 1961 - 1967, include a time when Martin Luther King Jr's non-violent civil rights movement was waning, of the emergence of Jesse Jackson Sr. whom the media erroneously labeled as a closet "Black Militant" type, but who was in fact a believer in the capitalistic system, and it is at the time of the rise of the feminist, and Gay movements.The play points out that the imperfect man-made-up positives, and negatives involving our meager importance as we continue even today to waste our time for evolving, living separated by social fences obsessed ultimately with actions and acts like "pigs" and so we have no regard for self-analysis and self-control, we scramble and trample and "kill" each other to be first to "feed" at the "trough", the issues we treat as crucial, but, to the world as a whole are considered as insignificant when compared to (?) ... nature, and the continuation of the universe.
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