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Eddie speaks is a man who has been able to find the spiritual key to simplicity. Finding a way to express the most profound areas of religion in a clear and concise manner for all to understand. The purpose for this book is to open the eyes of every person that wants to see the truth for what it is and have the ability to shun that which is not truth. He says that religion has been taken to another level and that level is in no way considered a healthy experience for the newly converted Christian; who reads how to practice Christianity one way in the bible, but is forced to experience it in a totally different way in life. He believes it can be a bad thing not to agree with the majority. Even though the majority in many cases is wrong, because of their number they go unquestioned. No one wants to break away and stand on their own for what they know is true until it becomes undoubtedly clear that a stand must be taken. The sad thing is, we’re all gambling with time and Christ is on a strict schedule and He’s only coming once.
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