The Church and Western Culture
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To live meaningfully in the present, and to plan wisely for the future, means building on the past. This kind of understanding is important when it comes to questions concerning both faith and culture. In the development of the Western world there has been a dynamic relationship between the church and civilization in general. This interplay has produced a rich heritage and foundations affecting governments, economics, family life, education, the arts, literature, science, the practice of religion, and many other areas. The church has played a major role and cannot be brushed aside as secondary or irrelevant to our present lives. It is especially important that followers of Christ know the church’s history. Today there is neglect, almost disdain, for history. This is sad because history really is about us. There is a common nature shared by people in every age who face over and over the same issues, opportunities, problems, and the same mortality. In our ancestors we see ourselves. They are there for us to learn from, to teach us lessons that help keep us from the same mistakes, and inspire us to strive for the good and the great. The past is more than just names, events, and dates. It is filled with actual people with real lives, possessed of important thoughts and ideas that should be carried into the present. This book claims that knowledge of these people and past events is necessary if we are to know ourselves, maintain our sanity, and find our way.
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