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Recent news of a California city to outlaw circumcision, and anti-Semitic and anti-Zionistic activities at many U.S. Universities has already caused many Jews to recoil in horror. Bothered by this, history teacher and author Michael Stein decides to write a compelling fiction, Decision 2030, about the Jews' decision to fight or leave.This book is a fictional account of a Jewish community, Grayvelt, that is suffering from physical and political attacks on a massive scale in the years prior to 2030. Because of the damage done to the Jewish quality of life, the community responds in two different directions. One choice is to remain in the U.S, and fight with the help of competent civilian soldiers; another choice is to move to the northern part of Israel into a new community.The three major emerging Jewish heroes are Earle Smith, Gloria Resnick, and Rabbi Moshe Weinhauser. The Jews are helped by four non-Jewish couples known as the Fearsome Foursome. The four couples show the Jews how to fight back. The growing admiration between the Jewish community and the fearsome Foursome results in the winning strategy to minimize the terrible effects of the anti-Semitic Edgar Brown Society.Decision 2030 contains the different points of view to remain or leave the U.S. for Israel. It has a great deal of adventure dealing with fire bombings, car and truck chases, midnight attacks, and military attacks. It also has nearly a dozen examples of alliteration which came forth in the natural flow of the author's pen. The novel also contains an original prayer and an alliterative poem.
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