We hear people talking about Bipolar Disorder but, do we know what Bipolar Disorder really is? Sometimes we refer to a person as “Bipolar” because it keeps changing his/her mind and/or mood. However, Bipolar Disorder goes deeper than that. When under control, Bipolar Disorder could go unnoticeable, however, when out of control there are signature characteristics summarized in this book that will you help understand, in a very simple way, why Bipolar Disorder could get out of control, what a person with Bipolar Disorder goes through, how he/she feels, and how you can help us. This is my story, my life; this is me before and after being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. This is me struggling with accepting my diagnosis and trying to understand that, now that I know I have Bipolar Disorder, how it has ruled my life in the past. I look back and I can see myself with Bipolar Disorder out of control and under control. I see my manic and depressive episodes and wonder “What was I Thinking”...
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