The Ape Cave Horror
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Three years have passed since Chad Gamin escaped the massacre in Canada. Dealing with the aftermath, Chad thought he was safe in Longview, not realizing that the danger was so near.Over the last year, hikers and campers have gone missing around the Mount Saint Helens area. Andrew Bridgeston, a Sasquatch enthusiast, is positive that one of these legendary creatures is involved with the disappearances. With his team of Sasquatch hunters, he is determined to capture one and volunteers the help of a reluctant Chad.They discover a hidden cave system and what they find in the depths is an unimaginable horror. Attacked and hunted, their only chance to survive is to find a way back to the surface. Even then, it may already be too late.Also included is the short story Meredith's Journey. Taking place a few days after the events in The Unleashing, Meredith was last seen being pulled through a window by a Bigfoot. Her body was never found. Did she die or did something worse happen?
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ISBN: 9780595604678
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