Confessions of an Internet Don Juan tells the story of Cast Hughes, a handsome, well-to-do, middle-aged failure. A former bit player on the bicycling pro circuit, nothing in Cast's life goes as planned. The tricky item that has proved a success is his seduction of women and Cast's modus operandi involves the Internet. He meets exotic beauties from around the globe. Although Cast wants to settle down, he is thrust deeper into a world of treachery and deception by his innumerable affairs. The novel will shock and outrage as it relates an inelegant excursion into the private life of a reprobate who adores women and will go to any length to pursue them. Pathos and humor underscore Cast's provocative confession, concerning Internet dating, sex, and relationships.Confessions of an Internet Don Juan is an adventure and dark comedy, and a paradoxical celebration of life and love.
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ISBN: 9780595869534
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