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Written for amateur physicists, SlipStringDrive takes you through the basics ofstring and M-theories so that you canembark on a "faster than light" voyagewithout violating physics. By using gravitywaves to completely isolate volumes ofspacetime from the rest of the universe,author Andrew L. Bender proposes amethod of travel-similar to goingthrough a wormhole-that could bepossible within fifty years. He also detailsa unique engine design for producing thegravity waves necessary to travel in sucha manner.In SlipString Drive, Bender describes howships using this method of propulsionwould appear to those outside of theship's partially "gravitationally isolated"region of space while maneuvering atslow speeds. Bender also discussesnovel uses for such a vessel, such assaving humanity from comets tosupernovae.Bender also offers a "MembraneTheory of Gravity." A modification of M-theory,this new theory unifies allforces, and predicts dark matter andenergy. It also theorizes how theacceleration of our universe will changeover time, along with other predictionsthat could prove modified M-theorycorrect observationally-a feat no othercosmologist has yet achieved. Finally,Bender hypothesizes how the universewill end, and how our descendants couldsurvive that fateful occurrence."Bender embarks with all the eagerness—if not the ringing clarity—of Brian Greene...-A fertile physics funhouse for the highly curious and motivated lay reader." -Kirkus Discoveries"Thoughtful, infectious, and mind-expanding ... a highly readable book which offers both atheoretical refinement of M-theory and an important practical application with dramaticimplications for the future of intelligent life in the universe." -Theodore C. Nason, Ph.D., Physics
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