The Story of Sam W. Dwyer
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Based on a true story.What are the true facts behind the rags to riches story of Sam W. Dwyer? Was Dwyer an IRA assassin? And what was his actual involvement in the assassination attempt on the British Prime Minister Edward Heath at Baldonnel Airdrome in Dublin in 1973?From a fifteen-year-old who left his home in Glenmalure County, Wicklow, Ireland, to a distinguished military police agent in the Irish army, a manager-promoter with a Dublin rock group, and a private investigator for seven years, Dwyer reached the heights of success. But the dark shadows that crossed Dwyer's path finally culminated in his imprisonment for the extortion of a senior Irish government minister for one million pounds.But far from signaling his demise, Dwyer emerged from prison with his unquenchable spirit in tact. Dwyer's search for his true self led to the study of hypnotherapy and meditation and launched him on his quest to Kerala, South India, where he discovered the ancient Hindu healing art of Ayurvedic. With the publication of his best seller Journey to the Soul, Dwyer again found success and contentment.But it was then that the shadows from his past began to close in. An IRA gunman with unfinished business is coming for Sam Dwyer
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