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8 Friends, 1 Murderer
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8 Friends, 1 Murderer is a riveting murder mystery. Eight friends, recent graduates of St. Mark's Prep class of 1974, are spending a fun filled weekend at a summer cottage in Bar Harbor, Maine. While engaged in typical activities for teenagers in the seventies, tragedy strikes the group and their lives are changed forever.The second half of the work brings us to 1999, when we meet the classmates again and see how their lives have changed from those simpler and more carefree teenage years. You'll be captivated by the twists and turns of events, as new information about the tragedy is uncovered twenty-five years later.The novel is fast-paced, intriguing and at times, humorous. We view the world through the eyes of Chris Wilson, a person born on the wrong side of the railroad tracks. Nevertheless, Chris is accepted into the prep school world due to his ability to place a ball into a net with a lacrosse stick. Later, he is a successful professional but life continues to challenge him due to his insecurities.The characters are very real and may remind you of your own high school friends. We know that you will enjoy this delightful new novel by Dennis Lassi, 8 Friends, 1 Murderer.
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8 Friends, 1 Murderer - Dennis Lassi

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