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The Holy Scripture of the Qur’an is most enticing and enchanting, captivating and concerning. It provides unfeigned direction for the virtuous. It gives a detailed enunciation of the faith. It teaches men to adhere to a common belief and conviction that is deeper than human consciousness.Written in three languages—English poetry, Arabic, and Urdu translations—Glorious Qur’an in Poetic Stance, author Rashid Seyal answers questions about this ancient text that has appealed to a broad audience over a long period of time.Seyal’s work on the Qur’anic poetry and the philosophical interpretation in light of modern day science has given a new direction to understanding the Holy Scripture. Glorious Qur’an in Poetic Stance is in four volumes.Part-II (Surah Al-A’raf:7 to TA-HA: 20) discusses:Philosophy of LifeFate and FortuneFortune in DisciplineReason and Revelation Guidance in Revelation Discipline in JusticeKnowledge and its sourceAdam of Science and Adam of Qur’an is one not twoThe cadence and course of Dr. Seyal’s writing on the poetic stance of the Holy Scripture besides its Philosophical and scientific discernment looks very imposing and inspiring within the folds of the true message of the text.However one thing is conspicuous and convincing, that Lord Almighty has given him the essential essence of this noble job to achieve. He seems to be motivated in the perpetuation of this most prudent and prodigious work for the drill and direction of people living in the developed world, who can affirm and embrace any ideology based on logic and intellect.Available:www.iuniverse.com---- iUniverse, 1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403, 1-800-288-4677
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