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Incoming college freshmen often hear that college will be the best time of their lives. With new friends, new activities, and new independence, college thrusts young people into a challenging yet exciting situation. But in the midst of entering this thrilling world, many students struggle with the phenomenon known as "binge thinking." After years of research as students, graduate students, and professors, authors Dr. Gino Borges and Dr. Zachary White discovered that the majority of college students obsess over the following issues:Loneliness The desire for recognition The need to belong Dissatisfaction Finding a perfect relationship and an ideal jobBinge thinking produces an excess of thought that, if not appropriately treated, overshadows the highly publicized positive aspects of the college experience. In Binge Thinking, you'll meet five fictional students suffering from binge thinking. You'll also meet a mysterious and wise character that gives each student a real-world remedy for real-life thinking hangovers. Binge Thinking is the perfect companion for understanding the thoughts you will inevitably experience during your college years.
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