Intrepid Americans: Bold Koreans-Early Korean Trade, Concessions, And Entrepreneurship is a fascinating study of noteworthy interactions and significant events in the early development of U.S.-Korean relations. With relevancy in looking at contemporary South Korea, the reader will gain an understanding into how radically Korea's economy has transformed over the last century.Within the book, author Don Southerton provides captivating insights into the birth of modern South Korean entrepreneurialism and commerce. These glimpses presented through numerous photographs, illustrations, narratives, commentary, and comprehensive appendixes will give the reader a greater appreciation into the recent South Korean economic progress.A noteworthy feature of the book is the role played by American businessmen and Protestant missionaries on the peninsula. In fact, Southerton points out that Americans along with bringing new technology to Korea, heralded capitalism and promoted entrepreneurship-characteristics that reemerged in South Korea during the last quarter of the twentieth century and have spurred phenomenal economic and business development.
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