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A Recipe For Health
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Prevent disease. Stay healthy. Improve well-being. Look younger.Contrary to popular belief, the road to wellness depends not on avoiding saturated fat and cholesterol. Health comes from constant attention to diet and lifestyle, constantly avoiding food and substances that can cause damage to our body and our cells. By the time disease has occurred, it is already late, even though much can still be done to achieve some degree of wellness.The tragedy is to subscribe to false beliefs constantly bombarded via endless propaganda by people and institutions with vested interest whose bottom line is profit and money. The established medical practice is an extension of this concept, merely the collection arm of powerful pharmaceutical giants.A Recipe for Health aims to provide you with essential information for your daily choices of diet and lifestyle in order that you achieve a satisfactory degree of wellness and prevent premature aging and death. The concepts are not found in conventional medical and nutritional texts.Dramatically improve your health and your wellness through inside information on diet, supplements and lifestyle-with Dr. Eng's A Recipe for Health-The truths you should know about healthy eating and healthy living.
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