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Drumore Echoes, Stories from Upstream
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If Abner Musser hadn’trun out of sons, his neighborssay, The Buck would havebeen as big as Pittsburgh inanother 10 years.This area in SouthernLancaster County remindsme more and more of theregion just east of Lancaster.I suppose the words thatcondense this thought couldbe: Bird-In-Hand gained,Paradise lost.Quote from Robert Risk:“Death does not end all-itbegins everything.”If Ma Garner heard aruckus outside her house atnight she raised her bedroomwindow, shot once, then openedfire with an arsenal of wordsthat may have stung worse thanthe shotgun pellets.The resourceful humanmind has developed to strive forthe betterment of mankind, yetthe human spirit has evidentlynever abandoned the cave.At Woodstock therewere numerous drug busts,at our gathering all drugswere handed out beforethe meal.
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Drumore Echoes, Stories from Upstream

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