The Kingdom of God Among Muslims
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Evangelism is always diffi cult among other religions particularly amongMuslims anywhere in the world. It is more problematic in the Muslim countriesrather than the west, because Muslim countries have laws to promote Islamiceducation and protect from other religions. There are fi fty two countries calledMuslim countries in the world. Evangelism among Muslims in those countriesis always abandoned, in other words legally not allowed in the marketplaceor other public places to share their faith among Muslims. There are somecountries have introduced Sharia laws to run their government affairs becausein Islam politics and religion goes hand in hand. This is called Islamilization inPakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and most other middle east countries.Sometimes Christian missionaries, evangelists, educators, and local Christianpastors do engage in evangelization or debates to share their faith with mutualunderstanding among Muslims. Often however, the result becomes a disaster,missionaries, evangelists, educators, and local pastors are killed due to thetwisted ideology of some uneducated Muslim Imams. Christian people are alocal national minority in those Muslim countries.It is sad to say that whenever American politicians introduce new policies in theworld, the Muslim countries somehow take American interests against Islam.The Muslim religious leaders propagate American policies against Muslims.The reaction against those policies strikes violent riots against Christianity.The targets are local churches, schools, hospitals, and academic institutions fortheir rage and anger. Often these institutions are burned or destroyed becauseof the lack of knowledge.
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