Whispers from a Loving God
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Karen Petty Felton has not lived a charmed life. She survived a childhood of abuse and neglect only to emerge on the other side wracked with depression. For ten years, she fought an internal battle against her own downtrodden soul. She emerged victorious again … only to then be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and bound to a wheelchair and bed within five years. Even so, if you ask Karen about her life, she would say it has been filled with grace—God-given grace that comes only from a close relationship with Him. She has taken a joyful approach to life, even while struggling with her past and current illness. Karen’s story is far from over, and she now shares it in her autobiographical collection of poetry, short stories, essays, and artwork. Whispers … From a Loving God is a reminder that through faith in God, it is possible to surmount even those difficulties that seem to be impossible. In life, we may not have a choice about the challenges we face, but we do have a choice about how we face them. Karen chose to trust God, seek joy, live boldly, and love abundantly. You can, too.
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ISBN: 9781462712984
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