How To Get 100% Employment or Zero Unemployment
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How to Get 100% Employment or Zero Unemployment, is a comprehensive look at the issue of unemployment and offers one of the best and reliable solution to it. Long Term Savings For All Through The Department of Education: it will allow more than 300 million Citizens to save Voluntarily and as much as possible at the Department of Education in order to help finance a Good Education for All, adding no extra cost to the government nor to the Individual or Family, therefore raising (Duplicating) the Salary of All Teachers and Professors, and at the same time Triplicate the number of Educators; forcing the Department Education Budget to grow bigger every year. THESE Long Term SAVINGS IN THE Department of Education ARE FOR PAYMENT OF Educators SALARY ONLY. There is no Poverty but Unemployment, A Good Education or jobsstars before the child is born, all of them need F.E.M., which is A GoodEducation or Jobs. A Good Education, Jobs or F.E.M. is The Social Securityof ALL Children and the Youth (The Social Securityof All Workers), that guarantees A Good Education or Jobs forALL; Work or Housing (FAMILY-MORTGAGE orSECURE-FAMILY-MORTGAGE) and Individual HealthInsurance (Medical and Dental) Paid at the Local Banks by All and fora Lifetime, and without Extra cost to the Government, Familyor Individual; making our Present Social Security economicallysafe and sound.
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