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From all outward appearances, nineteen-year-old K looks like a typical California teenager. But inside, K knows she’s very different from her peers. The offspring of a mortal and angel, K has been told that there’s something special in store for her life and that one day she’ll be contacted by the appropriate entities.While on a service trip to Africa, K becomes confused when she meets Kender, known to all the other volunteers as Dr. Grandchester, a beautiful but enigmatic man. K feels a strong connection with Kender and soon learns that their existence is at odds for he is not what she expected him to be.Despite their enormous differences, K and Kender fall deeply in love with each other. Kender is faced with a difficult struggle: should he be with K and cave in to short-lived, pure love and joy followed by tremendous grief, or should he stay away and avoid those sentencing feelings altogether?
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Donec - Sandy Tague

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