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Had my health begun to deteriorate due to a physical
condition, or were the effects of depression and anxiety
taking a devastating toll on my life? Whatever the source
of this bewildering predicament, my family and I were suffering from the
perilous grip of a living hell. A darkness and unexplainable strangeness
had managed to sew its way into my very being that unfortunately had
affected everyone I loved, in a way that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst
enemy. Each day, I fell deeper and deeper into a mysterious abyss of
despair that I could not seem to escape; rather, I became captive within
my own consciousness. It wasn’t until I fi nally surrendered to the truth
that I was able to slowly liberate my mind, body and soul from the
hopelessness and anguish I was experiencing, and gradually reacquaint
myself to the “real” world.
This is my story, something that happened to me. Realizing that there are
countless others who are at present encountering situations similar to my
own experiences, it is my desire to shed some light from the knowledge
I obtained along my journey to recovery, in hope of possibly guiding
another lost soul to discover his or her way home.
- JB Dumás
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781462879601
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