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Damnation of the Werewolf
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After his rampage through the Pacific Northwest, Cameron Rossin’s only comfort is the knowledge that he is the last werewolf alive and that the curse is nearly extinguished.His comfort is a shadow to the rumbling force emerging from deep within the rainforests of Costa Rica. A vast power, centuries old, has awakened an ancient Werewolf; his unbridled strength has destined him to takeover the throne and title of Werewolf King. His arrival has destroyed any comfort Cameron once had with the defeat of the last Werewolf King and the destruction of the Werewolf Stone.Cameron is forced to the jungles of Costa Rica to destroy this unknown beast who threatens to preserve and spread the curse by creating his own army of werewolves.How will Cameron find the strength to defeat this new enemy whose influence empowers all the beasts surrounding him? Cameron must solve the mystery of what is fueling this werewolf’s power to even have a chance of survival. Once again, Cameron enters a battle that tests his strength, determination, and eternal struggle. Fighting this battle pushes him closer to the edge of damnation…the dripping power of the curse threatens to take him over forever.
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ISBN: 9781462072187
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