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The land of Agadah is dying for lack of a voice—one voice—to break the stalemate in the balance of power between good and evil.That voice belongs to a young woman whose mother raced through an interface of realities to secret her newborn in another world until time for the babe as a woman to return. On Earth a young woman survives worldwide cataclysm only to be blamed by other survivors for bringing an epidemic of suicide into their camp. Taté Iyumni leaves the warmth of the shelter and braves the freezing cold that grips the Western Hemisphere to go in search of words powerful enough to drive her people’s soul sickness away.Seeking for something on Earth powerful enough to make life here worth living, Taté travels through a corner of circles to find another world desperate for her arrival.She finds a world at war. Instead of finding easy answers, she finds a mad man who does not care that children are always the detritus of war. She does not sit in peace at the feet of Wise Ones. Taté rises in fury to save the innocent. Only when Taté opens her most inner self to the unknown, does she become the conduit of power into Agadah and does she hear the words to music she had heard faintly all her life, the words her people had to hear in order to live in a world they didn’t understand.
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