As we travel this land, we plant seeds and make deposits in others. Whether intentional or whether positive or negative we all leave something behind for this life or the next. These seeds of our most inner being that impact people we come across on life's journey. And just like a seed for a garden, where it's planted may determine how or if it grows. As Gods most prized work, we all have a seed of greatness inside of us. It is my endeavor by writing this book to inspire, encourage, uplift and enlighten as you look into how my life have evolved by the extraordinary events that has taken place in my life. My prayer has been for God to bless me to be a blessing to others. With this book my prayers have been answered. This is the flower in my life and although at time writing this book has been painful as I recall certain events, as we tend to a garden we prune, we pick and we prod but when we are done we admire our good work and God's beauty as He has designed.

It is my duty to write this book and knowing someone will see how I was able to get up from being kicked down and by the grace of God, I was able to rise from the ashes and cling to a hope that is sound, solid and sure. Perhaps someone will be inspired to look deep within and pick up their bed, rise up and walk. As I look back over where I've come from, I can say without swaying that I truly have No Regrets.
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