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"Sometimes in our private and passionate search for meaning some of us embrace various art forms as a medium for the soul’s expression. Examples of this form of spiritual expression could be found in the highest level of creativity employed in the creation of the variety of masquerades, related artifacts and effects associated with the production of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. My poems speak for the unheard, queries into, suggest alternatives, and exist with their own creative individuality and magnetism. In my view poetry like painted art, sculpting, expressive music and the expression of art seem to exist as a form of liaison or a type of messenger of spiritual correspondence between those inner felt undercurrent of existence and its external manifestations.xplore and attempt to redefine conventionally held concepts and beliefs in light of the species improved and expanded awareness. They also aspire to influence the subconscious mind and conscious reasoning processes to examine alternative methods of reasoning by utilizing and combining: visualization, word association with foreign rhythms and ideas from official and unofficial point of views. The poems comprising this collection make a brazen and sincere attempt to manifest these very characteristics.Through each poem I make a sincere and deliberate attempt to urge each reader to question the very nature of your existence and particularly those ideas and beliefs about reality in general and human existence which you have come to know and accept as the “absolute” or “gospel truth”. In this “new-age” period of heightened awareness I implore you to question and pay attention to the nature of your “gut feelings” your “haunches” and your most basic inspirations. Embark upon a personal adventure through the inner space of life with the same tenacity and enthusiasm with which we explore the outer space of physical reality. As we continue to evolve spiritually each of us should make a sincere attempt to sense the very uniqueness of our “god-like” being, self-worth and our natural alignment with the source of all which exists, universal intelligence or “God”. Additionally, we must allow our ambitions and expressions its natural freedom as they attempt to assist us in our search for meaning.
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