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This story is published in Joan Aiken's THE SERIAL GARDEN: THE COMPLETE ARMITAGE FAMILY STORIES, the first collection of the beloved Armitage family stories, is now available from Big Mouth House ( or your favorite bookshop/site) or here on Scribd:

The Serial Garden includes Joan Aiken's Prelude, all 24 Armitage stories, as well as introductions from Joan Aiken's daughter, Lizza Aiken, and best-selling author Garth Nix, and is illustrated by Andi Watson.

"Joan Aiken's invention seemed inexhaustible, her high spirits a blessing, her sheer storytelling zest a phenomenon. She was a literary treasure, and her books will continue to delight for many years to come."
—Philip Pullman

"The Serial Garden is my happiest discovery this year."
—Los Angeles Times

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