"Now, after completing his trilogy about the Kennedy assassinations, in whichhe describes his personal knowledge and involvement, he has written anotherriveting-blockbuster documentary about the family that Lucrecia and CesareBorgia would pale in the shadow of. The author fears not, and pulls not onepunch in revealing what the Bush Dynasty is all about. Their continual profi tingthroughout the 20 and 21 Century, in the misery, fragility and helplessness ofhuman beings, commencing with the patriarch, Prescott Bush, who fi nancedthe Hitler War Machine during World War II, to the present day president,George W. Bush, is well documented. The Bush family’s personal and fi nancialinvolvement in the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 isa matter of public record. Buick clearly defi nes the true relationship of the FirstFamily to Richard Bruce Cheney, the Vice President, and reveals the subterfugeof the Bush-Cheney administration; from the lies to go to war in Iraq, to theunveiling of greed and corruption of war profi teering, the outright dictatorshipof no-bid contracting, and the US Government payment to confl ict-of-interestcorporations, directly connected to Vice President Dick Cheney and to the Bushfamily."
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