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It's uncommon to come across a book that offers such a wealth of information on all aspects of life in Ghana: traditional rural life, assimilating colonization, and mission education. In Hearing and Keeping-Remembering my Matrilineal Roots, author Charlotte Anokwa shares the experiences that helped to mold her into the person she is today. She introduces the people and institutions that have influenced and continue to influence her life; she shares memories of her childhood and upbringing; she describes traditional environments, including forests and foods; and she explains the use of the Twi language in the legendary Ananse stories for children and Akan proverbs. She writes...I was blessed enough to be born the last of eight, into a family, a community, and a people in rural Ghana with so much history, culture, talent and skills as well as spiritual connectedness that sharing and acknowledging one's blessings came naturally. I can only go peacefully to my grave if I carry on the tradition and share my experiences with those around me and those who would be interested in knowing Through Hearing and Keeping-Remembering my Matrilineal Roots, Anokwa provides an easy-to-read reference for the young generation of people of African descent growing up abroad and inquiring non-Africans alike.
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